Fresh and inspired, yet steeped in local history and tradition, the locals say Barossa food comes straight from the heart.

While many of the old customs that came to the Barossa with the German speaking settlers from Silesia may have given way to modern life, the culinary traditions have survived and prospered through six generations since. Family recipes remain a source of great pride and inspiration, still served on Barossa family tables and now also readily available to visitors.

Traditional foods showcased here include the best of preserving traditions, practiced in the old ways and revealing flavours long gone from mass produced versions. Try real dill cucumbers, pickles and preserves, smoked and cured smallgoods, dried fruits, locally made egg noodles and baked goods to bring back memories of the family table (or create new ones!). These are the flavours of the Barossa and they can be found at the farm gates, wineries, markets, restaurants and supermarkets.

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